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  • Arlington, TX
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  • Baton Rouge, LA
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We use Discord almost exclusively to organize events, answer questions, share news, and ask fans like YOU what cool things you’d like to see us do! Btw, have you played the ;Pokemon game yet??
IDK. You tell us! We only run events y’all want to go to. If you want us to keep hosting events, make sure you let us know on our Facebook Group or Discord. We also take special requests for NON Raid Bus events. Feel free to post suggestions to the group. They love to party too. ;)
Good question! We posted a discord channel called #request_a_city where you can post your recommendation and have everyone vote to make it happen. That’s basically how we get a headcount for beer and koozies.
DM me on discord (@philofaustin) or email [email protected] to let us know! This event wouldn’t be possible without the help of our awesome volunteer party machines. All volunteers get perks like free tour passes, PokéCoins, and tons of other cool stuff we cook up randomly. ;)
In our mission to fix all the things that Niantic broke or just forgot to care about, we’re committed to donating a portion of all our proceeds to local Discords and scanners anywhere we go. Basically, you’re partying to make the game better on and off the bus. (We're actually donating to Hurricane Harvey Relief at the moment.) #MyHero

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